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    Data Cleansing

    Inaccurate, incomplete and irrelevant data can cost you time and money and in such a fast-paced world with people moving companies, changing offices and updating contact details, data quickly becomes outdated.

    At Answering4u we recognise that accurate data is at the heart of any successful and productive campaign and although the use of data is vital to ensure your message gets out there, it’s of little use if it’s not as up to date and precise as it should be.

    Taking place before campaign execution, our cutting-edge technology and highly-skilled, experienced data team offers an efficient way of ensuring your database is cleansed efficiently and maintained properly.

    Answering4u will create accurate, secure and valuable data, enabling your direct marketing and new business calls to generate the maximum return on your campaign.

    Our data cleansing services include:

    • Identifying the right person to deal with
    • Identifying alternative contacts
    • Using Postcode software to validate address details
    • Updating multiple phone numbers and email addresses
    • Agreeing future actions and contact methods


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    • Relevant Contacts Identified
    • Address Validation via Postcode
    • Associated Phone Numbers
    • Email Validation
    • Opt-In Confirmation
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