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    How we do IT

    Call centre excellence

    At Answering4u our aim is to deliver customer service excellence. So our team is supported by robust systems and state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring our clients receive a reliable and flexible service.

    Our team of qualified telephone handlers are available 24-hrs a day and can contact you by whichever communication method you prefer whether its email, fax, text or telephone. However, Answering4u’s real differentiator is our ability to go the extra mile in order to deliver the highest standards.


    The latest technology is simply not enough if it’s missing that all-important personal touch – which is why we insist on employing the most professional team members. We believe that our IT is there to support people not to replace them.

    Answering4u’s technology:

    • We use the very latest call flow software so customer information is collected efficiently and saved effectively, whilst postcode software helps ensure quick and accurate data entry.
    • Reporting is available in most common formats and can automatically generate letters, faxes, emails, SMS messages and a wide variety of reports including graphical representation.
    • We use dual telephone circuits from both BT and Virgin Media, which means if one telephone network is malfunctioning you still have our full support.
    • All call details are traceable through our inbound and outbound audit trail together with all messages and call outcomes.
    • We operate a fully encrypted call recording system for all inbound and outbound calls, including call monitoring and evaluation systems.
    • Our secure servers with dual processors, dual power supplies, antivirus UPS and on-site data back-up means your information is protected, and our overflow and off-site disaster recovery facilities provide a high quality of service delivery in any situation.
    • A high speed broadband link protected via a Cisco firewall, allows us to work with clients’ websites as if we were in their own offices together with a 3G failover facility.


    Make an enquiry to find out more

    If you are interested in improving your business efficiency by working with us, it’s really simple to start, just click here to find out more, or give us a call on 0113 4900 287. We look forward to hearing from you.

    At a glance
    • Flexible Call Flow Systems
    • Encrypted Call Recording
    • Uninterruptable Power Supply
    • On Site and Off Site Disaster Recovery
    • Client System Interfaces
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