Answering the phone is the easy bit, it’s what happens next that counts...
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    Telephone Answering

    Telephone answering service with a difference

    We understand that despite the ever increasing use of technology, there are still a lot people who want to hear a human voice on the end of the phone to answer their query.

    Over 13 years and millions of calls our experienced team have answered a diverse range of calls from all types of customers.  This wealth of experience means that we can confidently be the front line of any kind of company, ensuring your customer gets the right first impression of your business.

    The trouble with answering machines and voicemail is there isn’t really anybody there. A customer calls. They hear a voice, but it can’t answer any of their questions. They may leave a message. They may call back. They may not. As a business, the loss is yours.


    UK call centre

    Answering4u solve this universal problem by making sure there is always a personal, friendly and intelligent response to your customers’ queries when you or your staff can’t be there in person or have other things to do.

    Whether you’re self-employed or a company of international proportions, you can tap into our expertise simply by diverting your phone calls to our sophisticated UK customer care centre.

    Companies of all sizes use us for all kinds of reasons. For some we provide an overflow facility at times of unusually high call demand. Others use us as a virtual office to help them grow their business without employing more members of staff or need our back-up when they are out in the field, away from work, or already taking other calls.

    We offer a range of services to suit your business, including:

    • Message Taking – Friendly, professional and quality message taking service.
    • Virtual Receptionist – No matter what size of organisation you are, we can manage your inbound calls.
    • Overflow – Get staff shortages sorted instantly by letting us take care of your overflow calls.
    • Diary Management – We know how difficult it can be for you to organise, manage and grow a successful business. That’s why we offer a fully integrated diary management service.
    • Media Response – Let us help you maximise your sales from your advertising campaigns by being the friendly face at the end of the telephone.


    Make an enquiry to find out more

    If you are interested in making sure your callers speak to a human being every time and deliver that all important first impression of your company, then click here to find out more, or give us a call FREE on 0113 4900 287. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    • Message Taking
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